Job Title : Project Manager

Job ID : 4411746972

Posted on : 08/08/2018

Designation : Project Manager

Experience : 8 - 10 years

Location : Bangalore

Salary : negotiable

Client Name : Our Client

Education : Bachelors / Masters

Skills : Project Scope Management,Project Time Management,Project Cost Management, Project deliverable management,Project status update management, Project Communications Management, Project Risk Management,• Project Procurement Management,Project Stakeholder Management,Project Feedback Management,Project Issues management

Priority : High

Description :

Job Title:  Project Manager
Job Function:  Project Manager responsible for Managing IS Projects and Customer Relationship Management

Job Location:  Bangalore (Should be willing to travel within and outside India)

Job Description: 
•  Development of Project Management (PM) practice within the organization
•  Ability to establish a PM process and over a period of time automate the process to ensure that all projects are aligned with the PM process
•  Maintain / Manage existing client relations
•  Look for lateral sales opportunities in existing clients
•  Provide periodic management reports and relevant dashboards on status of each project
•  Ability to perform pre-sales activities and prepare proposals when required
•  Responsibility for managing vendors/partners/third-parties where project parts may have been outsourced
•  Responsible for expense management
•  Responsible for logistics management for onsite projects in coordination with admin/HR teams
•  Ensuring that all project specific documentation, deliverable, artifacts are managed securely in all forms of communication and storage
•  Demonstrates project control to the all internal and customer stakeholders through effective project documentation, measurement and reporting.
• Create maximum short and long term financial value for the Company, Customer and the Professional Services offered
•  Ensure the overall governance Rules (policies, processes, procedures, SOPs,etc) generic to all projects and specific to certain projects are percolated to the team in a clear manner. Where needed sign off has been taken.

For each project, should be able to perform the following functions:

• Project Scope Management
• Project Time Management
• Project Cost Management
• Project deliverable management
• Project status update management
• Ensuring Project Quality Management in coordination with the relevant project execution teams
• Project staffing and Human Resource Management
• Project Communications Management
• Project Risk Management
• Project Procurement Management
• Project Stakeholder Management (Internal and external teams)
• Project Issues management (Both internal and external)
• Project Feedback Management (on an ongoing basis for internal and external customer team)

Must be able to perform the following tasks for each project:

• Formal Initiation along with project kick-off PPT
• Project Planning using standard models
• Managing Executing to ensure all the project management parameters are managed
• Monitoring and Controlling project parameters
• Formally Closing the project with project closure PPT
• Project milestone / revenue management (invoicing to collection)

Other Requirements:

• Fluency in standard English is mandatory. Additional language a huge plus.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills plus outstanding interpersonal skills
• Minimum 8-10 years of experience
• Proven record in managing customer facing projects in the capacity of a project leader / coordinator
• Strong planning and organizational skills combined with excellent time management
• Demonstrated experience in project management principles, practices and procedures.
• PMP certified will be an added advantage
• Attention to detail and impeccable follow through
• Experience in managing cross functional projects
• Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects and deadlines
• Ability to work globally (and virtually) with a variety of cultures & key project stakeholders
• Ability to travel up to 25% and work flexible hours

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