Job Title : Information Security Consultant Trainer

Job ID : 1280656169

Posted on : 08/08/2018

Designation : Information Security Consultant Trainer

Experience : 6 - 8 years

Location : Bangalore

Salary : negotiable

Client Name : Our Client

Education : Bachelors / Masters

Skills : Threat Modeling and Risk assessment, Common in Web /Client-Server applications and Network Design, Cyber Security, Network Security., System Security, Application Security, Cyber Security Governance, Security Operations Centre and Incident Management, ISO 27001 LI/LA, PCI DSS, CEH ,Security OEM certification

Priority : High

Description :

Job Title:  Information Security Consultant Trainer

Job Location:  Bangalore

Experience:  6 -  8 years

Job Description: 

Train the development team with secure coding practices & guidelines to handle all types of
        vulnerabilities at the coding level and security awareness.
Train on pitfalls and security loopholes in application development and network 
Threat Modeling and Risk assessment, Common in Web /Client-Server applications and 
        Network Design.
Hands-on guidance in installation/administration to secure networks, Methodology for 
        penetration testing of applications & networks including hands-on labs, Securing Wireless 
Training on developing appropriate Usage Policies for network Security and enforcing them
Devise quality, well-structure training programs according to client’s requirements.
Determine course content according to the requirements.
Prepare training material (presentations, exercises, Manuals etc.)
Impart training programs, webinars, workshops in groups or individually
Maintain training related MIS (attendance, feedback forms, evaluation scores and certificate 
Incorporate participant’s feedback for improvisation of the training programs
Ensure the training content is relevant, up to date along with version control all the times
Deliver training programs both theoretically and practically.
Help other teams with domain knowledge, technical explanations, and threat knowledge.
Should be able to conduct classroom trainings and technical hands-on workshops
Researching the latest security best practices, staying abreast of new threats and 
        vulnerabilities and helping to disseminate this information within the group as well as the 

Skills required/Expertise:

Proven experience as technical process trainer in Cyber Security, Network Security., System 
        Security, Application Security, Cyber Security Governance, Security Operations Centre and 
        Incident Management
Knowledge of modern training techniques and tools
Experience in structuring training courseware
Ability to communicate with existing and prospective clients for their training needs
Working knowledge of MS Office
Outstanding communication skill and comfortable speaking with varied audience
Excellent time-management skills while delivering trainings
Strong knowledge of the requisite training subject
Should be flexible to work as per business needs
Open for National and International travel at short notice
Strong organizational, team-work, multi-tasking and time-management skills.

Educational Pre-requisites:

Graduate Degree – Computer Science/IT/Science ( with 60% throughout)

Certification Preferred: ISO 27001 LI/LA, PCI DSS, CEH ,Security OEM certification

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