Job Title : Front End Developer

Job ID : 3229699986

Posted on : 08/08/2018

Designation : Front End Developer

Experience : 4 - 6 years

Location : Bangalore

Salary : negotiable

Client Name : Our Client

Education : Bachelors / Masters

Skills : HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Ember JS, Ajax, JSON / XML object

Priority : High

Description :

Job Description:


Roles & Responsibilities for Front End Developer: 

1.  Interpret business requirements and translate them into deployable solution which meets

     functional and non functional needs 

2.  Provide estimates for the user stories assigned and complete the development within timelines 

3.  Write LLD and document the implemented solution 

4.  Quality code development 

5.  Adhere to technical constraints laid out by Architecture Design 

6.  Adhere to coding standards and best practices laid out by Technical Implementation Standards 

7.  Unit testing the output of their own work and work along with QA team to fix defects

Experience: 4 - 6 Years


1. Extensive hands on experience in front end development in commercial product development 

2. Hands on experience developing solutions using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Ember JS, Ajax, JSON / XML object and knowledge on Rest API. 

3. Experience in responsive designs for mobile and desktop solutions using standard development toolset and frameworks like GIT, SVN, Jenkins, Maven / Ant

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