Job Title : SQL DBA

Job ID : 4593265756

Posted on : 4-Jan-17

Designation : SQL DBA

Experience : 3 to 9 yrs

Location : Bangalore,Pune,Mumbai,Kolkata,Hyderabad,Gurgaon,Chennai

Salary : Industry Std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Engineering degree or equivalent

Skills : SQL Server Administration, SQL DBA, SQL queries, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions and Views, Scripting, Windows server, Active Directory, Unix, performance tuning, database monitoring

Priority : High

Description :


About Us:
With about 2 decades of experience in the Business of Manpower Consulting and staff Augmentations Pentagon Consultancy Services (PCS) is one among the most Progressive Multidimensional Consulting Group. Our Multidimensional Consulting Approach makes us a very niche and Boutique Organization.  Due to this Hybrid Consulting Business Model we have brought a change in the conventional staffing approach and are committed to raise it to International Standards.

The Requirement:

We are given a mandate to hire SQL DBAs by one of our MNC clients for locations across India. Please send us your updated profile or refer anyone you know who might be interested in the same.

Job Summary:

Experience: 3 to 9 years
Job locations: Bangalore,Pune,Mumbai,Kolkata,Hyderabad,Gurgaon,Chennai

Job Description:


Roles and Responsibilities:

Responsible for day to day database operations, maintaining cloud databases
Involve in performance tuning and monitoring
Responsible for supporting and sustaining hosted client databases
Installation, Administration and Maintenance of SQL Server Instances
Setup Test, Dev, Staging and Production Environments
Create Users and assign permissions based on the level of database access the user would need.
Create Linked Servers to SQL Servers and other databases such as Oracle, Access, Informix etc
Design database Backup and Restoration 
Setup High Availability as part Disaster Recovery Strategy for the Databases
Troubleshoot various problems that arise in a day to day work and fix the issues

Required Skills:

Atleast 2+ yrs of experience in SQL Server Administration.
Expertise in Microsoft MS-SQL Product, SQL Server Management Studio
Hands on experience in SQL queries, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions and Views, Scripting
Experience in performance tuning, database monitoring, including database trace tool, building indexes, creation of views.
Experience in Windows server, Active Directory and disk configurations
Familiarity with Unix
Experience working on multiple environments
Prior experience in managing mid to large scale database development and sustainment

Education Qualification: 

Engineering degree or equivalent

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