Job ID : 1188608782

Posted on : 31-Dec-16

Designation : PEGA DEVELOPER

Experience : 3 to 9 yrs

Location : Bangalore,Pune,Mumbai,Kolkata,Hyderabad,Gurgaon,Chennai

Salary : Industry Std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Engineering degree or equivalent

Skills : PEGA, PEGA RPG, PRPC, SQL Server, Java, PDM, email server, Scan station, CPM, CPMi, CPMHC, Smart Investigate, Smart Dispute, Pega Framework

Priority : High

Description :

Experience: 3 to 9 years
Job locations: Bangalore,Pune,Mumbai,Kolkata,Hyderabad,Gurgaon,Chennai

Job Description:

Roles & Responsibilities

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Designing and developing enterprise software systems and products
Designing and developing modules in Pega PRPC and conforming to the defined architecture.
Involve in software development lifecycles and process
Performing software version control and maintain periodic compilation schedule.
Participate in the system specification review process to ensure system requirements can be translated into valid software design.
Actively participate in the requirements, design and construction phases; to lead to successful delivery of the project
Actively participate in the class structure design and reusable rulesets design
Facilitate knowledge transfer of PRPC functionality and other frameworks or application functionality knowledge 
Provide proactive update to Engagement Leader if timelines or effort estimate are at risk and project progress and pending issues. 
Monitor the key result areas and metrics on the project

Required Skills: 

Solid understanding of key features of PRPC and core frameworks 
Expertise in OOD or OOP skills, and experience applying modern design patterns
Ability to articulate and document a detailed technical vision using industry-standard tools (UML, Use Cases, etc.)
Experience in PRPC frameworks and other Pega Frameworks such as CPM, CPMi, CPMHC, Smart Investigate, Smart Dispute
Familiarity with J2EE, Application Servers, Enterprise level databases, Enterprise system integrations
Estimation techniques (Function point, 3 point, etc)
Experience in SQL Server
Good understanding PPRC properties, types and relevance
Understand the decision types and decision rules in PRPC
Solid understanding on PRPC construction and debugging tools such as tracer utility, clipboard, app accelerators, documentation tools, expression builders and form builders
Sound understanding of user interface both PRPC out of the box and generic
Good understating of PRPC flows, interpretation of flow shapes, SLAs, tickets, interpretation of complex flow shapes for business scenarios, activities, activity step methods, OOTB activities
Experience in PPRC configurations such as PDM, email server, Scan station and other configurations
Ability to elaborate use cases in PRPC language, provide low level and high level designs
Good knowledge of PRPC integration capabilities and able to use integration wizards
Ability to articulate the application requirements and interpret the same in solid work classes

Education Qualification: 

Engineering degree or equivalent

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