Job Title : Graphic Designer - Freelance Job for Education Industry

Job ID : 4355506329

Posted on : 12-Sept-17

Designation : Graphic Designer - Freelance Job

Experience : 1 to 8 yrs

Location : Bangalore

Salary : Industry Standard

Client Name : Pentagon Education Services

Education : BE/MCA/BSc

Skills : Graphic Designer, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Web Design, Brochure Design, Animation, Education Industry, Education Sector, Freelance, Contractual Job

Priority : High

Description :

We are hiring Graphic Designers for Education Industry on a Freelance basis. Please send us your updated profile for immediate process.

Job Description:

Position: Graphic Designer/ Illustrator

Job Responsibilities:

Analyze all the tasks on the content.

Review the contents.

Perform task if an amendment for a particular query raised.

Investigate and resolve issues that are reported on India web forms such as requests for account support and reports of potentially abusive content.

Gather, analyze and utilize relevant data to develop ways to improve the overall experience on the site.

Identify inefficiency in workflows and suggest solutions.

Recognize trends and patterns, and escalate issues outside the company policy to the global team.

Create original and interesting blogs, social media content, website pages content, brochure, etc.

Create catchy titles and ad copies

Write SEO friendly meta descriptions and content

Publish in official blog and app based on WordPress

Conduct thorough quality checks to ensure client-ready files. These will include concept (subject matter) checks, checks for grammar, format and client guidelines

Developing search friendly web content for the website

Create all communication and marketing designs.

Design and develop promotional campaigns, website banners, posters, brochures, leaflets, web mailers, company app and advertisements etc. for the company.

Clearly understand the requirement and be able to communicate it visually.

Time management and ensuring delivery on time.

Schedule project implementation and define budget constraints.

Job Specifications: 

Excellent visualization skills

Experience would be a plus, though not mandatory

Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop & Illustrator)

Good communication skills 

Experience in Education Industry preferred

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