Job Title : Sr. Executive-Product Management/Associate PM

Job ID : 8234535614

Posted on : 2-8-16

Designation : Sr. Executive-Product Management/Associate PM

Experience : 4-15 yrs

Location : Bangalore

Salary : Market std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Any

Skills : airline operations control, MS Office tools, Agile, Scrum

Priority : High

Description :

•Experience in airline operations control
•Ability to quickly develop an understanding of complex requirements in an unfamiliar domain and to be able to communicate those requirements
•Ability to present and discuss complex industry and software concepts to customers, prospects, and internal organizations having varying technical backgrounds and at all levels of the organization
•Proficient in Microsoft Office tools (Excel, Word, Project, and PowerPoint)
•Ability to lead by influence in order to gain support from internal teams
•Multicultural approach - working effectively with people from different backgrounds/cultures
•Excellent written and verbal communication skills
•Good Presentation skills (verbal and written)
•Ability to apply Project Management fundamentals
•Good time management skills
•Demonstrated ability to work well within a team, including teams spread in different locations
•Sound organizational and analytical skills
•Ability to adapt well to change
•Ability to multi-task and handle multiple priorities 
•Proven success managing complex software products through their entire lifecycle would be well regarded.
•Technical experience in software engineering or computer science is a plus      
•MBA or B.S. with a focus on Computer Science/Information Systems is a plus 
•Should have prior experience working with development/QA/P-defs to prioritize roadmap items for delive
•Past experience with working on agile teams, scrum masters are a bonus.

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