Job Title : Sybase DBA

Job ID : 7524854806

Posted on : 28-7-16

Designation : Sybase DBA

Experience : 6+ yrs

Location : Bangalore

Salary : Market std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Any

Skills : Sybase ASE, Database Administration, Sybase DBA, Sybase IQ, UNIX

Priority : High

Description :

·Sybase DBA -  Sybase ASE, REP and Sybase IQ - 12.5/15.x with 4 to 6 Years’ experience
· Provide DBA support in all aspects of database administration such as installation, configuration and migration with Sybase ASE
·Detail knowledge of Sybase ASE v15.X, 12.x
·Detailed knowledge of Sybase Replication Server
·Day-to-day production operations (incident break/fix, change, service requests, vulnerability management).
·Provide Sybase replication support for building warm standby and MSA types of replication
·Be able to independently plan and execute large database migration activities
·Sybase installation and version upgrade from 12.x to 15.x or appropriate version
·Handling databases backup, DBCC, restoration, update statistic, rebuild and reorg  
·Analysing and monitor system performance using DBCC, traceon commands, query plan output, system procedures like sp_sysmon and other performance monitoring tools
·Strong Performance and Tuning capabilities and root cause analysis reporting
·Troubleshooting problems real-time issues
·Knowledge and experience with enterprise wide disaster recovery activities
·Weekend work will need to be undertaken.
·Good understanding of UNIX platform with ability to develop & maintain UNIX shell scripts
·Good analytical and problem solving skills
·Good communication skills for providing documentation to support personnel, customers, and managers
·Ability to work in a team environment
·Ability to anticipate problems and take decisive action.
·Willingness to work is US business hours (EST)

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