Job Title : Mobile Application Developer - Android

Job ID : 1417149646

Posted on : 21-7-16

Designation : Mobile Application Developer - Android

Experience : 4+ yrs

Location : Bangalore

Salary : Market std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Any

Skills : Android, Java, /MS SQL/SQL LITE, Gradle

Priority : High

Description :

Monsanto is seeking a Mobile Application Developer – Android dedicated to developing mobile software solutions.  This position requires a highly motivated individual with the ability to create exciting and innovative mobile solutions.

Responsibilities will include:
Design, Architect, Develop and maintain existing and new Android applications 
Collaborate with a team of users and developers to define, design and deploy new features and functionality
Complete analysis, design, development, modification, and implementation of computer applications throughout the entire software development lifecycle.
To ensure best possible performance, quality and responsiveness of the App

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