Job Title : Technical Publication Specialist - (Oil & Gas Domain)- Contract to Hire Position

Job ID : 1343337190

Posted on : 15-7-16

Designation : Technical Publication Specialist - (Oil & Gas Domain)- Contract to Hire Position

Experience : 5+ yrs

Location : Bangalore

Salary : Market std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Any

Skills : Photoshop, Indesign, Graphic Tools, Gas, Oil, Word, Framemaker, Information Architecture, Content Management, Management Systems

Priority : High

Description :

Job Description:
•Following would be the responsibilities of Technical Publication Specialist 

•Use adobe acrobat to create print-ready pdf part bulletin files by combining text and artwork into a single file.

The following skills will be required for this project:

•Ability to manage multiple responsibilities and deal effectively with tight deadlines
•Ability to analyze priorities and determine project schedules accordingly
•Excellent verbal and written skills; complete fluency in proper English language grammar and word usage. 
•Experience with authoring tools such as Adobe FrameMaker and MS Word; Graphic tools such as Photoshop, InDesign, etc.; Content Management Systems; Information Architecture approaches; Industry Standards; others

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