Job Title : Catia V5, Interior Trims

Job ID : 1483199984

Posted on : 23-6-2016

Designation : Catia V5, Interior Trims

Experience : 4-9 yrs

Location : Pune

Salary : Market std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Any

Skills : Catia V5, Trims, NX

Priority : High

Description :

§  Responsible for the design of the parts of the respective zones w.r.t the project inputs by the design leader/counterpart.

§  Follow the work description sent by the counterpart.

§  To have effective communication with lead / counterpart

§  Estimate time required for completion of the assignment & plan accordingly the work.

§  To be able to participate in design reviews

§  Follow the system and procedures of company

§  Meet company expectations in terms of quality cost delivery of projects assigned

§  Ensure regular and timely timesheet punching and approvals

§  Anticipate the potential issues regarding assembly tooling design flaws etc and intimate the design leader/counter part

§  Studying the assignment checking the inputs work description & estimation

§  Ensure maximum usage of templates & macros

§  Degree/diploma of engineering in mechanical/automobiles/ Production stream.

§  Experience with plastic domain up to 4+ yrs

§  Thorough knowledge in program specific CAD Software (Catia V5/NX)

§  Thorough experience in designing in Required domain i.e interiors (Instrument panel door panel center console).

§  Good knowledge of CAD methodology & best practices

§  Knowledge of program management systems Problem solving and analytical capabilities

§  Result oriented team player with strong communication skills in English

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