Job Title : QA/QC Engineer -Piping & Fabricated

Job ID : 2797479632

Posted on : 23-6-2016

Designation : QA/QC Engineer -Piping & Fabricated

Experience : 5-8 yrs

Location : Mumbai

Salary : Market std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Any

Skills : Co-ordination MS office, CA/PA, QAP NDT

Priority : High

Description :

Roles and Responsibilities: 

The Quality Engineer is supposed to handle (Mechanical) -Vendor Co-ordination -Documentation -QMS -Factory/Field Inspections Inspection of  various equipments as per project at vendors place.
Finalizing QAP NDT Pressure testing & Painting procedures for various projects.
Witnessing WPS/PQR at vendor place
Follow-up/Expediting of progress of manufacturing activities.
Capacity Assessment & approval for vendor.
Internal Audit for Organization CA/PA on NCR
Coordination with Client contractor & Manufacturer for various quality issues.
Distribution of documents to various concerns of projects.
Responsible for planning & directing activities related to the inspection For Fabricated Valves piping motors and other electrical equipments. 

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