Job Title : Operations Manager (IT Infrastructure)

Job ID : 2534055041

Posted on : 25-5-2016

Designation : Operations Manager ( IT Infrastructure)

Experience : 8-13 yrs

Location : Bangalore

Salary : Market std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Any

Skills : IT Infrastructure, SQL,Business Operations

Priority : High

Description :

Knowledge and Experience Required:

Reporting capabilities
Development of reports using EXCEL or SQL (for any tool/technology)
Competent in the use of Microsoft PowerPoint Project Word and Excel
Others like Excel VBA Macros and SQL are desirable
Experience on business operation linked to IS services
Roles Skills and Attributes Required:
Strong managing delivery to plan
Business acumen and customer oriented
Ability to follow through to completion
Ability to deliver results with right quality and attention to detail
Proactive and preventive orientation to anticipate and drive issues
Ability to deliver under pressure working
Good command of written/verbal business English.
Technical Skill Details :

Key Performance Indicators
Report Portfolio is managed with no issues
Analytic anchored on reporting services
Customer satisfaction improved (linked to Reporting Services)
Adherence to agreed Service Levels and KPIs once defined Outputs and Account abilities
Accountable for Quality of reports delivered within Reporting Services
Accountable for having clear controls in place on reporting to ensure one version of the truth
Support for central administration of Report Portfolio to drive standardization rationalization and simplification and customer satisfaction
Accountable for adding-value by providing Analytic practices and Data Insights linking performance of services with business operation
Accountable for timely delivery of Reports as scheduled or defined in Report Portfolio.
Accountable for driving Report delivery based on SM tool capabilities
Accountable for on-going activities in adherence to o Approved Report Portfolio o Understand business needs and reflect this in the Report definitions o Support standardization automation self-service and out-of-the-box reporting o Support Reporting training needs

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