Job Title : Delivery Head (Health Insurance Domain) – specifically from the Payer side and not from Provider side

Job ID : 8654030665

Posted on : 21-5-16

Designation : Delivery Head (Health Insurance Domain) – specifically from the Payer side and not from Provider s

Experience : 15+ yrs

Location : Bangalore

Salary : Market std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Any

Skills : Delivery Head, Health Insurance, Payer

Priority : High

Description :

  15 Years of Industry experience on the domain side - Health Insurance Domain.
  Deep knowledge on industry solutions, industry trends and industry solution trends with capability to talk business with institutions business heads, and talk technology to the technology heads.
  Good working knowledge on technology trends and its impact on industry and its related solutions.
  Good working knowledge of solution architecture.
  Very good consulting skills for developing CXO level connects to help the institutions in the direction of solving business issues.
  Good understanding of Health Insurance Domain in terms of specific customer solution needs based on the customer segment.
  Good knowledge of industry variations across geographies, how regulatory/ compliance needs pans out based on geographies and its impact on solutions.
  Ability to provide clear directions to the team in terms of solutions to be developed and championing the same across the organization.
  Able to bring the technology team and exciting them about the solution need, and developing the solution using a collaborative approach.
  Managed large programs (75+), preferably transformation in nature.
  Preferably non-linear models of project delivery.

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