Job Title : SAP ABAP SRM Technical

Job ID : 2243060234

Posted on : 10-5-2016

Designation : SAP ABAP SRM Technical

Experience : 3-8 yrs

Location : Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata

Salary : Market Std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Any

Skills : SAP, ABAP, SRM

Priority : High

Description :

Job Description:
•3-8 years of SAP Experience which includes 4+ years in SAP ABAP with extensive experience.

•In ABAP Objects 2+ years in any CRM area (Web UIor salesor Serviceor Interaction Centeror Middleware and Internet Sales) development.
•CRM implementation project experience is must.
•Experience in coding and application development including: Remote Function Calls in ABAP or BAPI.

•Development for Accessing SAP Components or Data Transferor Enhancements and Modification
Comprehensive knowledge of CRM Tables and function modules.

•Programming experience with Interaction Center or ISA or Alert Modeler or Action Box and CRM BADI development preferred.

•Programming experience related to CRM One Order.

•Good knowledge of BDOCs or IDOC or ALE and EDI.

•New Field additions through EEWB & implement associated BADIs.

•Exposure to BSP.

•Exposure to SAP Net Weaver.

•ABAP Certification (preferred)

•Customer Interaction skills.

•Excellent interpersonal and written/oral communication skills.

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