Job Title : OIM Developers

Job ID : 2755586141

Posted on : 10-5-2016

Designation : OIM Developers

Experience : 3-8 yrs

Location : Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata

Salary : Market Std

Client Name : MNC

Education : Any

Skills : OIM

Priority : High

Description :

Job Description:
Key Responsibilities 

•Participate in requirement gathering JAD sessions and support documentation where applicable (applicable for Tech lead role)
•Raise queries and seek resolution where unclear / ambiguous.
•Review the technical aspect of documents and provide inputs / comments, as required.
•Understand how the estimation (effort, size etc) is done at task level in the area of work concerned.
•Raise clarifications / issues / concerns regarding work output to the Lead.
•Seek review from peers / Tech Lead on a periodic basis.
•Participate in setup activities for required environment setup.
•Deploy code build in testing environment
•Conduct peer review during design, coding and testing.
•Complete documentation as per the scope.
•Prepare guidelines and checklists (coding checklist, performance checklist etc) for development and testing activities.
•Fill the performance, development and coding checklist / (s).
•Develop the unit test cases.
•Incorporate changes as per feedback.
•Highlight any potential risks to the Leads.

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