Job Title : Sr. DevOps Engineer

Job ID : 2183553455

Posted on : 12-May-2015

Designation : Sr. DevOps Engineer

Experience : 5 to 10 Yrs

Location : Bangalore

Salary : Industry Standard

Client Name : MNC

Education : Graduation

Skills : DevOps , end-to-end, SaaS environment, Python, ANT, Maven, scripting, and Linux, Release, deployment, QA.

Priority : HOT

Description :

Job Designation: Sr. DevOps Engineer

Location: Bangalore

Exp: 5+ Yrs

Keyskills: DevOps , end-to-end, SaaS environment, Python, ANT, Maven, scripting, and Linux, Release, deployment, QA.

Job Description:

Looking for Senior DevOps Engineer to support end-to-end continuous integration and deployment in a SaaS environment. Required technical skills are: Python, ANT, Maven, scripting, and Linux. Will provide end  to end Build,  Release, deployment  support for Cloud Solutions (SaaS) product, interacting with Engineering and QA. Will be in charge of end to end integration and deployment activity working within an Agile schedule. 

Required skills/experience: 

 -   Build Release background with ANT, Maven, Gradle, scripting language, Linux and Windows

 -   Must have good understanding of Software Development lifecycle 

 -   CI tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, bamboo, automation using Chef, puppet, foremen, Sonatype Nexus.

 -   Knowledge on SVN, Git, CVS.

 -   Experience working in an Enterprise SW environment 

 -   SCM background or Build/Release Background 

 -   Broad end to end Software Development experience 

 -   Ability to interface with many different teams 

 -   Bachelors degree in Computer Science or equivalent with 8+ years of experience. 

Desired Skills and Experience:

 -   Good knowledge in Unix/Networking administration knowledge

 -   Experience with Virtual Machines (VMWare, Amazon EC2, etc.) will be helpful 

 -   Knowledge of Agile Methodologies, SCM, and Software Development lifecycle practices are a bonus.

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