Job Title : Insurance Domain & Solutions Lead

Job ID : 5321307921

Posted on : 16-04-2015

Designation : Insurance Domain & Solutions Lead

Experience : 15 to 20 Yrs

Location : Bangalore

Salary : Industry Standard

Client Name : MNC

Education : Graduation

Skills : Insurance Domain, Solutions Lead, BFSI

Priority : HOT

Description :

Job Designation: Insurance Domain & Solutions Lead

Loication: Bangalore

Experience: 15 to 20 Yrs

Keyskills: Insurance Domain, Solutions Lead, BFSI

Job Description:

We are looking for Insurance domain experts to lead our Insurance practice, BFSI solutions for ITC Infotech India Ltd. 

Insurance domain and solution lead would be responsible for identifying solution areas, build solutions which includes:  

 -   Identifying solution spaces
 -   Definition of contours of the solution
 -   Ideate into demonstrable solution pieces 

 -   Develop use cases along with the insurance domain/ delivery teams

 -   Develop estimates for delivery

 -   Develop business case for solution development (which would include cost and recovery of cost from a sales perspective)
 -   Entire solution collateral package, which would also include enabling of sales team for selling the solution  

 -   Drive solution sales (be responsible for solution sale targets) by - identifying target prospects / customers (PoC target need to have along with solution space identification)  

 -   Demonstrate thought leadership in the domain area – which includes -  white papers, representation in forums, championing the domain internally and externally  

 -   Develop the solution team for insurance sub-domain

The solution head need not restrict oneself to the domain but ITC Infotech will provide them with enough opportunity to enlarge the envelope to develop into higher visibility roles. New opportunities and higher roles are contingent on pull one is able to generate based on demonstrated competency around the domain/ solution spaces. We also encourage them to expand and take up organization wide initiatives enlarging from domain initiatives. For example, customer experience in Insurance domain can be expanded to become customer experience champion in BFSI. This can become an extended role of Organization wide Customer experience champion – all driven by capability and initiative shown in driving deep into various solution areas. 

Let us know if this excites you and if you would want to take journey with us ahead!

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