Job Title : Firmware Development-2G

Job ID : 2138363500

Posted on : 25-07-2013

Designation : Project Lead

Experience : 6-11 years

Location : Bangalore

Salary : Industry Standards

Client Name : L&T InfoTech

Education : B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech

Skills : modem, 2G Modem, 2G modem physical layer, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA, WCDMA, 2G, DSP, Physical layer, Layer 1, Phy layer

Priority : Medium

Description :

Qualifications/Skill set:

Proven experience in DSP fixed point C/Assembly implementation & optimizations

Experience in algorithmic module development (modem/audio/speech) and integrating them to system

Experience in embedded software/firmware development across multi-core platforms with tight cycles & memory constraints Best Replica Watches


Experience in physical layer aspects of GSM/EDGE/WCDMA/LTE physical layer

Experience in analysis & debugging of system issues involving multiple components , across HW/FW/SW domains

Experience in ROM based FW development

Experience in Modem/Speech/Audio algorithm developmentrnskills, Matlab-float-fixed conversion

Desired Profile  Responsibilities:

Implementation/system integration of GSM/EDGE modem enhancements

Implementation/system integration of audio signal processing modules (such as AEC, AGC, NR, Speech Codecs..)

Development of fixed point C/ASM code from matlab/float C algorithm models

Implementing of scheduler/control of algorithms as per the overall FW timing requirements

Developing test frameworks, analysis tools for algorithms/scheduler verification

Analyzing and debugging the system issues (3GPP test cases, field trials, IOT compliance tests)

Optimizing system performance w.r.t MIPS/Memory/Latency requirements

Providing maintenance/support for existing projects in terms of delivering debug patches, analysis of lab/field issues, providing bug fixes,enhancements

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