Job Title : Livelink Admin

Job ID : 5120273441

Posted on : 24-03-2015

Designation : Livelink Admin

Experience : 3 to 8 yrs

Location : Bangalore /Mumbai

Salary : Industry Standard

Client Name : MNC

Education : Graduation

Skills : Livelink Admin, Open Text Content Servers, User Security Administration.

Priority : HOT

Description :

Job Description:

 -   Manages and administers Open Text Content servers and user security administration.

 -   Administers daily operations of Open Text system (development, test, quality assurance and production instances), including daily batch processes and monitoring of system errors and storage space.

 -   Installs and configures Open Text Modules for production using our clients internal Project Methodology.

 -   Performs report management, capacity planning and performance monitoring.

 -   Works with other team members to evaluate options for meeting user needs and implementing new capabilities.

 -   Performs master bulk loading of documents and taxonomies into Open Text.

 -   Partners with infrastructure team to ensure backup and recovery strategies meet business requirements.

 -   Works with Database Administrator to ensure access and security necessary for database administration is available.

 -   Coordinates problem management with vendors.

 -   Provides Tier 3 technical support, and performs root cause analysis for outages and issues.

 -   Implements Open Text version and maintenance releases when available.

 -   Creates technical documentation, standards and procedures with regard to system administration, including documentation on installation, system configuration, modifications, processes and procedures.

 -   Administers Open Text searches and management of the indexes.

 -   Coordinates infrastructure plans between technical teams across regions and conducts annual infrastructure audits. 

 -   Works with our clients IT teams to ensure security architecture is consistent with our clients policies and regulatory requirements.

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