Job Title : Lean/Six Sigma/Blackbelt Professionals

Job ID : 1748134295

Posted on : 11-03-2015

Designation : Lean/Six Sigma/Blackbelt Professionals

Experience : 8 to 15 yrs

Location : Chennai/Tamilnadu/Coimbatore

Salary : Industry Standard

Client Name : MNC

Education : Graduation

Skills : Lean, Blackbelt, Quality, Six Sigma, ITIL

Priority : HOT

Description :

Job Description:

Roles & Responsibilities: 

- Working with BU leaders, VPOC, and Delivery managers, generate, possible Lean Six Sigma Project ideas 

- Facilitate brainstorming sessions with Client facing Delivery teams, to generate possible Lean Six Sigma Project ideas 

- Analyze trends & patterns of KPI and other indicators (volumetric), to generate Possible Lean Six Sigma Projects ideas 

- Prioritize & Select Lean Six Sigma Projects from the List of ideas, based on multiple criteria such as 
  Benefits to business, Benefits to customer, complexity, effort, ROI etc. 

- Estimate Complexity & Effort to execute the Lean Six sigma Project 

- Develop an approach to executive the Lean Six Sigma Project, and a feasible schedule/timelines 

- Help sponsors of the Lean Six Sigma Projects (BU leaders, Delivery Managers, et. Al.) to identify suitable Green Belts 

- Train Green Belts on Various Methodologies, and applicable tools & techniques such as Six Sigma DMAIC, DFSS, Lean, Kaizen, A3 etc. 

- Coach Lean Six Sigma Project teams/Green Belts to complete the project on schedule, to achieve the desired benefits, ROI & deliverables 

- Coach Lean Six Sigma Project Teams/Green Belts to complete the project documentation 

- Facilitate Reuse of methodologies, tools, techniques & Ideas seamlessly across the organization 

- Report Progress & Status of all Lean Six Sigma Projects in the portfolio on a weekly & monthly basis to all stakeholders & sponsors. 

Experience required:  Best Replica Watches

- At least 5 Years (At Most 8) of Experience in Transactional / Services domain Preferably in IT Infrastructure Management Services 

- At least 2 Years (At most 4) of Experience as a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt 

- Experience in Ideation & Prioritization of Projects, at a BU or Location Level (400-500 People Strong) 

- Experience in Conducting Lean Six Sigma Training (3-4 batches Per year) 

- Experience in Coaching Six Sigma Project Teams (15 to 20 Projects Per year) 

- Experience in Delivering Both Financial & non-financial benefits on time, as estimated/forecasted 

Mandatory Skill requirements Domain: 

- Process / Quality Improvement Methodologies - Lean , Kaizen / A3 , Six Sigma DMAIC 

- Quality Standards ISO 

Other Mandatory skill requirements: 

- Gathering Data & Information 

- Analysis of data leading to Useful conclusions & action forward 

- Logical thinking & Problem Solving 

- Ability to communicate in both Written & Verbal form to a variety of people - both to management & teams 

- Ability to Articulate & Present within the stipulated time. Both to senior management & teams 

Content of such presentations may include (but not limited to) the following: 

- situations, 

- vision, 
- analysis of data, 

- information gathered, 

- procedures & methods, 

- frameworks, 

- Action Plans, 

- ideas/solutions, 

- What if Scenarios, etc.

Desirable but Not mandatory Skill Requirements: 

1. Process / Quality Improvement Methodologies - DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) 

2. Quality Standards ITIL, COPC, CMMI 

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