Job Title : Technical Architect - SOA Architecture

Job ID : 1299565746

Posted on : 10-03-2015

Designation : Technical Architect - SOA Architecture

Experience : 10 to 15 yrs

Location : Pune

Salary : Industry Standard

Client Name : MNC

Education : Graduation

Skills : Technical Architect, SOA, Solution Architect, Java, Solution Design, CTO

Priority : HOT

Description :

Job Title: Technical Architect (SOA Architecture) 

Location of Posting: Pune 

Experience Required: 10 to 15 years 

Detailed Job Description: 

- More than 10 years of exp Must have (minimum of 5yrs) experience working with SOA Architectures with special consideration to those with Enterprise Integration Architecture experience. 

- In-depth expertise with these technologies: JAVA, JEE, Service Oriented Architecture, Application frameworks, integration design patterns & webservices. 

- Must be a strong, assertive communicator who can communicate high level architectural concepts AND lead development groups to understand design and implementation concepts. 

- In-depth expertise in SOA security standards & patterns. 

- Must have strong experience incorporating enterprise security policies and technology into the integration architecture. 

- Must have hands-on experience implementing security design addressing authentication, authorization, Message confidentiality & Integrity. 

- Expertise in SOA Governance Product & principles. 

- Experience designing high performance, scalable & distributed architecture. 

- Practical application debugging and troubleshooting skills. 

- Strong interpersonal skills for communicating with application development personnel, business unit personnel, clients and vendors 

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